MercedUI – NEW Web Component-Based Front-End Framework

As I learned how to make Web Components using the Native Browser API I felt some improvements could easily be made to bring in many of the features we are used to when working with something like React. So first off here is my playlist where I go over how to create components with the […]

Guide to Web Technologies (For Recent Bootcamp Grads)

By Alex Merced of *Alex Merced is an Instructor for General Assembly in their Software Engineering Immersive Courses and a Full Stack Developer for Crossfield Digital ALL COMPANIES All employers need Front-end developers creating their UI logic, nowadays with Single Page Applications more and more of the work is on the front end using […]

Web Components in 2020 — What are they and good libraries/frameworks.

When working with frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte or Angular you encapsulate your UI in “components” that can be invoked by an HTML tag with the components name. This pattern has become the norm, the downside is to use these frameworks you have to bundle in the framework with your project increasing your bundle size […]

SSSAG Stack, the Stack of Tomorrow

Stacks change as needs change and looking at the technologies available and the solutions available my belief is the stack that addresses most modern concerns is what I would call the SSSag Stack. Let me walk through the parts and what they solve. 1- Serverless This represents using serverless architecture and possibly the serverless framework. […]