Front-End and Back-End Javascript Frameworks

This article is meant to be a laundry list of frameworks for javascript. They will fall into one of three categories. Front-End: Frameworks that focus on the “View” of the Model-View-Controller assisting on rendering the view from the client. Back-End: Frameworks that work on managing Models, Views and Controllers from the Server-Side. Full-Stack: Frameworks that do both! The […]

Creating Blogs and Learning Web Development

In my journey to learn as much as I can about Full Stack Web Development, I’ve learned many languages and frameworks and build out basic applications like blogs and deployed them to demonstrate what I’ve learned. In this article, I cover many of the blogs I’ve created and what I learned in creating them to […]

Tools for Developing for Mobile and Web at the same time!

One conundrum small companies and projects often find themselves in is having to have three development teams for an application. Team 1 — HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT for the Web Application Team 2 — SWIFT team to develop the iOS Application Team 3 — KOTLIN team for the Android Application This can be expensive and difficult to coordinate, and depending on […]

2020 — Guide to Programming Languages and Frameworks

Recently I’ve decided to pursue a career in development and began a deep dive into not only learning programming and relevant technologies but also the history and theoretical concepts that surround it. It’s hard to master something if you don’t appreciate its evolution to know why you are where you are today. If you are interested in […]