MercedUI – NEW Web Component-Based Front-End Framework

As I learned how to make Web Components using the Native Browser API I felt some improvements could easily be made to bring in many of the features we are used to when working with something like React. So first off here is my playlist where I go over how to create components with the […]

General Assembly and My Web Dev Origin Story

At the beginning of 2019, I was celebrating 11 years of being with Greico Financial Training. I went from being initially a part-time hire to being one of its lead instructors and creating most of their online learning platform which trains financial professionals of all levels to get their securities licensing. Yet, despite what had […]

Headless CMS and Front-End Frameworks (Vue, Angular and React)

A Traditional CMS A Content Management System (CMS) serves as an abstraction over managing the back-end and front-end of a website and has often tied the two quite closely. One of the most popular CMS platforms, WordPress, allows anyone with minimal to no coding experience to be able to deploy a website that will manage […]

Creating EveVol – Event Volunteer Coordinator (Node/Express/Mongo)

I’ve now completed two units in my time during the General Assembly Bootcamp I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in. In unit 1, I created this responsive Pet Adoption App using HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. For Unit 2, I created EveVol, Event Volunteer coordinator using Nodejs, Express and Mongo. The purpose of the project was to […]

Creating Blogs and Learning Web Development

In my journey to learn as much as I can about Full Stack Web Development, I’ve learned many languages and frameworks and build out basic applications like blogs and deployed them to demonstrate what I’ve learned. In this article, I cover many of the blogs I’ve created and what I learned in creating them to […]

My Journey to Full Stack Part 4 — Fashion, Politics and Finance

After the Gamers Lounge closed I had some soul searching to do as I was still a few semesters away from graduating at Bowling Green State University. At this point in my life I was still spending a lot of time at the college radio station, practicing audio production and doing concert promotions so I […]

My Journey to Full Stack Part 3 — The Gamers Lounge

As I mentioned in part 2 of this series I started a hobby retail store, you can see the opening day article below. It was this journey I learned many important values about taking risks, learning things to get things done, and the different challenges of starting a business. Being a marketing student we nailed […]

My Journey to Full Stack Part 2 — High School and College

I didn’t go to your traditional high school, I went to Howell Cheney Technical High School. Cheney was part of Connecticut’s vocational high school system where the school would focus on training students in a trade alongside their academic studies. With my interest in technology, I, of course, went into the microcomputer trade where we […]