SSSAG Stack, the Stack of Tomorrow

Stacks change as needs change and looking at the technologies available and the solutions available my belief is the stack that addresses most modern concerns is what I would call the SSSag Stack. Let me walk through the parts and what they solve. 1- Serverless This represents using serverless architecture and possibly the serverless framework. […]

Learn all the Programming Languages!

To really feel comfortable learning any language there are four main areas you need to start with. 1. Data and Data Types What types of data can my variables be, how do I declare the variable? What operators are available to do mathematical and boolean operations with my variables?What collections are available to group my […]

2020 — Guide to Programming Languages and Frameworks

Recently I’ve decided to pursue a career in development and began a deep dive into not only learning programming and relevant technologies but also the history and theoretical concepts that surround it. It’s hard to master something if you don’t appreciate its evolution to know why you are where you are today. If you are interested in […]